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Introducing XBD Collective

“XBD Collective”, previously known as “Bishop Design Residential”, is a multi-disciplined Design Firm that offers creative Architectural & Interior Design Services.

“XBD Collective” is set up as a conglomerate for multiple business including the new brands “XBD Architecture”, “XBD Interior Design” and including the present brand “Bishop Design Residential”. The Collective group has been formed as a result of a high demand for us to expand our services within our organization, as well as a natural evolution of our constant growth.

Our two offices are conveniently located within Building 8, Dubai Design District, and with our team all under one roof it allows RIBA Chartered Architect Lee Nellis’ and Ellen Søhoel’s (former Bishop) exciting new venture “XBD Collective” to be more dynamic and continue to add to our vast portfolio of luxurious and award-winning interior and architectural projects.

Our versatile and comprehensive expertise includes private residential spaces and luxury villas, as well as commercial and hospitality projects including hotels, restaurants & cafes, show homes, business lounges, resorts, spas & salons, retail and religious temples & mosques.

15 Years of Experience

2 Office Locations

3 Disciplines

Latest News

XBD Collective Managing Partner, Lee Nellis is featured in Surface Eleven's Inspiring Online Blog for January 2019.

Creativity is the brand promise of every interior design house.
In this article, Surface Eleven explore insights from leading interior designers and architects in the UAE about how they overcome creative blocks.

Lee reminds us about how your outer environment has the power to influence your inner perceptions. Putting pen to paper, movement and fresh air is definitely a recipe for creative success. He says:
“When suffering from design block, never sit still, head outside and go for a walk no matter where in the world you are. The change of environment, fresh air and movement will allow new thoughts and ideas to enter your mind.

Also instead of sitting idle staring at a screen or paper, always put pen to paper, start drawing, start writing, this begins your creative flow and gives you something to work from and continue to edit.”