Middle East Architect – May 2018

26 August 2018

"I think what we are looking for, in terms of architecture, are unique projects that are going to make a statement," said Lee Nellis, managing partner at XBD Collective, and head of its division XBD Architecture. "We don't want to do the standard two-plus-four apartment building - we are trying to think outside of the box a little bit." Having launched XBD Architecture just two months ago, XBD Collective - a newly established practice itself - has made sure to enter the market on a platform of strength and confidence, making its interests clear to the industry. Ellen Søhoel (formerly Bishop) originally launched Bishop Design Residential in 2015 - the residential design arm of her previous, award-winning firm Bishop Design, which Søhoel co-founded in 2004 and helped grow over a decade. In October of 2016, Søhoel partnered with Nellis, a RIBA Chartered Architect, and established Bishop Design Architecture, which took the emerging team one step closer to having complete creative and quality control over commissioned projects In early 2018, Søhoel then launched XBD Collective, an all-encompassing design and architectural concept that would grow to contain XBD Interior Design, XBD Architecture and Bishop Design Residential. Stepping out on her own after more than 10 years, Søhoel intended to prove that not only could she start over, but that when she launched her new practice, she would launch big.