International Property & Travel Magazine 2014

28 February 2018

Bathroom Bliss

We seek advice from award-winning interior designers on how to create your own perfect oasis of peace and relaxation.

A bathroom is a place of escape, somewhere where you can soak away stresses and strains or enjoy an exhilarating shower while you collect your thoughts in readiness for the day ahead. Its therefore well worth spending time and money on getting the space exactly right for your preferences and needs.

Black vs. White

Founded by Paul Bishop and Ellen Søhoel, former Bishop, in 2004, Dubai-based Bishop Design has continuously completed projects across the entire MENA region as well as internationally. Ellen believes that black represents a design language which can go very wrong if utilized without consideration to size and shape of space and to selection of materials. On the other hand, she says it can give an astonishing result with a warm, avant-garde, opulent look and feel.

“In one of our recent designs for a private penthouse we have gone for an all-black contemporary design using multiple materials to contrast all, representing differing layers of textures, finishes and gloss. As the client wished to add a touch of Arabesque design, the lights chosen added that flair as well as giving exciting reflections. The storage is mainly tucked on the side in a practical unit, half open and closed, which allowed us to keep the vanity counter exposed and the gold plated sanitary ware and accessories helps to bring the design to the exclusive level intended.

“With powder rooms, we always keep in mind that these spaces are essentially a part of the main entertainment areas for a property. They should therefore have features that will impress guests but emanate comfort at the same time.” In the example shown here, Bishop Design has used leather tiles as the space has very little humidity. “This gave us the freedom to choose softer materials and the rest of the powder room is clad with neutral cream porcelain tiles to balance the budget,” Ellen explains. “We have placed simple glass shelves on the wall for basic storage set against a combination of leather and porcelain tiles and a freestanding basin not to take up too much space. The bronze plated custom made lighting layered from the ceiling and the subtle indirect lighting behind the full wall mirror also gives a nice warm touch.”

When designing bathrooms with the luxury of an astounding view, the Bishop Design team always takes maximum advantage during space planning and designing. “In this case,” explains Ellen, “the bathtub has been strategically placed to be able to fully enjoy the view and natural light. We have selected all natural materials in relatively neutral colours to emphasize the beauty of the view and for the atmosphere to flow through the space. The large slabs of marble and wooden floors represent the natural elements which furthermore incorporates the striking exterior. This bathroom was designed to be as natural and organic as possible in synergy with openness and natural light.”