CID Magazine – 2012

28 February 2018

Commercial Interior Design

October Volume 8. Issue 10

Interior Design of the Year:

Public Sector & Institutional

Winner: Gurdwara Temple by Bishop Design.

The winning entry in the Interior Design of the Year: Public Sector & Institutional category is a religious charity project aiming to create a space for worship for the Sikh community in Dubai. Being the first of its kind within the Middle East, Bishop Design created a venue that was visually dynamic and true to the Sikh culture and combined contemporary elements. The judges described the project as a ‘spacious and contemporary design yet classic and simple that seems to show a lot of respect and understanding of the Sikh religion.’

The 2,640 metre squared project is now complete with its dynamism reflected through the layering and build-up of a textured surface that created a three-dimensioned construct. The element of serenity is also integrated with the use of wooden wall panels illuminated from behind.

The award was collected by Paul Bishop and Ellen Søhoel, former Bishop, founders of Bishop Design.

‘The idea behind this project was because, throughout Dubai, there was not enough space to pray. We never expected it to be so highly appreciated,’ remarked Paul Bishop.