Residential Interior Design

Luxe interiors that emanate class and style, without being overbearing – such is the brand of interior design we create here at Bishop Design Residential.

A fusion of minimalism and subdued classical elegance, our signature approach to home design lends to a uniquely elevated aesthetic that successfully preserves the relaxed atmosphere of home.

Transform your dream residence from vision to reality with Bishop Design Residential.

Home design tailored to your luxury lifestyle in Dubai

Bishop Design Residential is a collective of artists, creatives, and designers who are intensely passionate about crafting liveable and comfortable residential spaces that creatively accommodate life in the midst of beautiful artistic creations.

We believe that art and life can blend together in perfect harmony, and it is from this design philosophy that we draw inspiration as we imagine, re-imagine, and bring to life some of the most ambitious residential interior design projects, not only in Dubai but globally.

Focused on crafting bespoke living experiences, our team of designers in Dubai collaborate closely with clients from design conceptualisation and visualisation to project implementation and commissioning, ensuring the original vision of the client and the designer team is translated without fail in the envisioned space.

Our clients will not settle for anything other than the absolute best, and neither will we.

We integrate the highest quality raw materials, the finest fabrics, designer furniture, and first-class interior decorations in transforming spaces into luxurious homes. With our design acumen and creative vision, we are capable of realising even the most elaborate designs, from modern villa designs to classical-inspired spaces.

Turn your home into an inspired space with Bishop Design Residential