About Us

XBD Collective consists of the award-winning brands, XBD Interior Design & XBD Architecture, as well as the established Bishop Design Residential. By forming this group, XBD Collective instantly transformed the existing brand into a multi-disciplinary organization representing a spectrum of skill more diverse than ever before.

Our ever expanding portfolio of projects and services consist of residential projects such as private residential spaces, multi-unit residential buildings, show homes and luxury villas. Our commercial and hospitality projects include hotels, restaurants & cafes, business lounges, resorts, spas & salons, shopping malls, retail, religious temples & mosques.

Managing Partners

Ellen Søhoel

Ellen Søhoel, former Bishop, is one of the founding members of the international award-winning company ‘Bishop Design LLC’ which established itself in Dubai in 2004. The Norwegian designer has a reputation of being a leading name in the UAE, with more than 15 years of expertise.

Ellen possesses an innate desire to create customized signature interior designs both regionally and internationally and as managing partner for 12 years in 'Bishop Design', she has won over 40 awards worldwide in multiple sectors, such as the ‘International Property Awards’ in London and ‘International Design Awards’ and ‘IIDA Global Excellence Award’ in Los Angeles. Ellen has, through her 15 years in Dubai, completed projects across all sectors within the industry, and designed for some of the most prominent names in hospitality, residential and commercial such as Emaar, W Hotel, The Fairmont Hotel and Dubai Properties. She is also well known for completing some of the most luxurious private residences in the world.

Lee Nellis

Lee Nellis graduated from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, with a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design and became a RIBA Chartered Architect in 2009. Lee has previously worked for Atkins, and BDP in Glasgow, where he was involved in various healthcare and education projects. After relocating to Dubai in 2010, Lee has spent over 7 years undertaking numerous hospitality, retail & residential projects.

With over 12 years of expertise, the UK registered architect is now managing Partner at XBD Collective and director of XBD Architecture. Lee adopts a design style that is both innovative and creative, whilst striving to push the boundaries of architecture and the urban environment. With a strong design background, Lee manages the team through collaboration and an expressive approach. Recent projects include the Brova Pearl Floating Casino in Macau, China and a Surf Resort in Sri Lanka in addition to numerous residential projects.

Our Team

Kerry Murphy

Nesma Ismail

Jessica Bell

Aman Samra

Julian Tatham

Aina Yumul

Samyuktha Badrinarayanan

Vanessa Ghammachi

Sofiya Leonidova

Priyal Ramchandani

Juhi Chaand

Alaa Mohamed

Sharon Gomez

James Alonzo

Charu Bhatia

Linesh Ravindran

Paul Baes

Sreejesh Kappadan

Afzal Manchu

Shibin Kuniyil

Noor Fareed Jagbar

Abdul Salam El-Baba

Abhay Singh

Tom Thomas

Vipin Chengakaran

Tania Sandhu

Noor Salim Shah

Richard Albay